About US

Solidarity Cannabis Seed Initiative is a democratically controlled seed library and cannabis nursery headquartered in Oakland, California.  

A multi-generational, community supported democratic institution is the best vehicle to preserve public ownership of heirloom and landrace cannabis strains instead of standard for profit entities who may try to patent these unique cultural resources. We are committed to our mission of preserving and sharing heirloom and landrace cannabis seeds, and running a business in the service of both our workers and our community, not quarterly profits. We don't want to be beholden to the short term thinking and growth at any cost model required for typical venture capital and private equity investment in for profit companies. A cooperative model allows for a longterm commitment to sustainable practices and dignified living wages because it is governed by the worker-owners, who are community members that share the direct benefits and desire to minimize the negative effects of its business practices, not faraway shareholders. 

We are not aware of any other multi-stakeholder worker-owned cannabis businesses to use as a model, so to be honest, we are trying to figure out how all of this will work ourselves right now. If you have advice or suggestions for us, please contact us and let us know. Worker-owned cooperatives are a very new type of statutory entity in California, and local permitting and statewide regulations for medical cannabis production are in a state of flux. We really appreciate your help.   

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