Solidarity with Likeminded Projects

Though Solidarity Nursery Cooperative is focused on building a sustainable future for the cannabis plant, we are in solidarity with any and all likeminded, non-cannabis projects. Our ethos is rooted in radical soil, espousing equity and worker justice before hierarchical capitalist systems, and there are many others out there who too have pondered the intersection of justice and ecology. I'm excited to attend an event next week hosted by Ayana Young of For the Wild and brontë velez, where there will no doubt be an invigorating discussion of environmentalism, intersectionality, and modern social movements aimed to uproot a sick system. 

For the Wild is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their "1 Million Redwoods" project. Any activist organization that is putting more plants in the soil deserves our recognition and support. 


At-Home Cultivation Will Help Undermine the Black-Market (among other positive effects)

This week's East Bay Express Legalization Nation expressed what Solidarity Nursery Co-op has foreseen for years. In his article, John Geluradi proposes that, even with legalization, the end of the black-market farmer is just a myth.

"California's new marijuana market is full of promise. It will create thousands of job and as much as $1 billion will flow annually to state coffers. But despite the best efforts of bureaucrats and law enforcement, it doesn't appear that black-market rogues will be going anywhere soon."

The complex regulatory system aimed at bringing growers into compliance will take an enormous amount of time and resources. Until then, the black-market will continue operating and, while there's downward pressure on wholesalers, licensed dispensaries will no doubt take advantage of their position and raise retail prices. Where does that leave the patient/consumer?

We formed Solidarity Nursery Cooperative in the spirit of labor justice and out of respect for the cannabis plant; she has for decades been misunderstood, demonized, exploited, and regulated. Now, just when she's finally getting the compassion she deserves, the twin-forces of government and capitalism take hold. Over the next few years, there will be ongoing tension between large-scale cultivators, law enforcement, and the economic consequences of legalization. In the meantime, our mission is to empower individuals to grow their own cannabis. Just like a typical plant nursery, the co-op will provide the knowledge and resources for members to take advantage of their 6-plant limit and foster healthy, sustainable grows: including tips from seasoned growers, a seed library/exchange, lockers to dry a harvest, and more.

Growing your own medicine will surely bring peace-of-mind, not only from the fulfilling experience and knowing its source, but from knowing that you're effectively undermining the black-market and maybe even doing a small part in alleviating the war on drugs.