Solidarity Cannabis Seed Initiative welcomes everyone who believes that landrace cannabis genetics belong to the people, and that workers and the community should come first, not profits. Check back often for updates on membership availability.

Consumer Members

Available to qualifying California patients and licensed commercial cultivators, our consumer membership gives our members access to our seed library of heirloom and landrace genetics, special sales, and early access to hybrid and limited-run varieties of seeds and clones. It also may entitle the member to a targeted dividend on purchases made through the cooperative, similar to REI. Additional details coming soon. If you would like more information, please enter your name and email address in the form below and our Membership Director will follow up.  


Other licensed nursery providers may join our cooperative as producers of clones and seeds, we will prioritize relationships with cooperative members at our storefront nursery and through our wholesale partnerships with other licensed nurseries, dispensaries, and cultivators.  

We will share resources in terms of lobbying and advertising in support of our network of local, independent nursery producers, as well as pooling resources for legal assistance and the additional regulatory compliance necessary under MCRSA and local permitting requirements for cooperative members.  

We also hope to create an emergency fund to help producers in the event of catastrophic crop loss outside of their control. Independent cannabis nursery producers will remain strong and have a better chance of standing up to big business and industrial agricultural interests as cannabis legalization moves forward if we work together in cooperation.  

Community Investor Members

Because of securities exemptions created byAB 816, worker-owned cooperatives can accept investments from California residents of up to $1000, with limited voting rights and a reasonable rate of return. For more information, contact us below.  

Donating Members

Monetary donations will in part be used to purchase heirloom and landrace seeds for preservation and distribution in our seed library. We don't believe all seeds should be free, we understand the hard work and danger growers faced in preserving these strains, and they should be compensated for that. We do be believe, however, that landrace and heirloom seeds should not be patented, and also be freely available to the public via seed libraries.  

Thanks to the passage of AB 1810, we now have unambiguous legal support for seed libraries in California, which were inadvertently made illegal by a seed labeling law passed in 2015. We would greatly appreciate if you considered donating your landrace and heirloom cannabis seeds. We will breed them within cultivar and give them away, free of charge, to any qualifying cooperative member. That's what makes us different from a seed bank. 

With a cannabis seed library, the public will always have access to the amazing genetics nature created, and help preserve the cultural heritage of Northern California cultivators. If Proposition 64 passes this November, we will open up access to library membership to any California resident over the age of 21.  

We plan to give away more cannabis seeds than anyone has ever done, help us help you grow. Please consider donating to us both financially, and with your seeds, if you support our mission of worker equity and public access to unpatented cannabis genetics. 

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