An Heirloom & Landrace Cannabis Seed Library and Worker-Owned Nursery Cooperative.

Our Mission

Solidarity Nursery Cooperative, Inc. is a voluntary association of patients, cannabis industry professionals, horticulturalists, activists, and community members who envision a just and legal cannabis industry with shared equity, a commitment to preserving the genetic and cultural heritage of those who have devoted their lives to cannabis freedom, and good jobs for all. We support sustainable agriculture, family and urban farmers, the practices of seed saving and sharing, and a commitment to a future where the economic benefits of cannabis legalization are shared with all workers and communities, instead of further enriching private equity and the privileged few. 

Our Goals

  • Create a seed library, open to any cooperative member, of landrace and heirloom cannabis seeds, thus preserving genetic diversity for future generations and increasing self-sufficiency by providing stock to our members to breed their own seeds.       

  •  Increase the economic security of all of our worker-owners by providing dignified living wage jobs, and sharing the economic benefits of the cooperative by maximizing revenue to increase dividends to our members.

  • Educate the California cannabis community on the benefits of worker-owned cooperatives and how to convert existing entities to cooperatives, instilling a vision of shared economic prosperity throughout the industry

  • Encourage an open source culture towards cannabis seed patenting, and maintain access to heirloom and landrace cannabis genetics in the public domain.

  • Foster community by providing a resource center for activism and education.

  • Engage in the political process by supporting candidates and legislation beneficial to workers, urban agriculture, small farmers, and socially and environmentally conscious cannabis businesses.

  • Train the next generation of urban farmers and cannabis cultivators while simultaneously furthering a commitment to ecological and social justice.

  • Become a positive face in the community for the legal cannabis industry by purchasing from and collaborating with other cooperatives and community organizations committed to social, economic, and environmental justice whenever possible.

  • Stand in solidarity with all oppressed people by remembering that an injury to one is an injury to all. Donate a percentage of revenue to pay for legal aid in overturning the convictions of those currently incarcerated for doing the exact same things we now have the privilege to do in a legal and dignified manner because of the hard work and years of struggle by those who fight against, and have had their lives affected by, cannabis prohibition and mass incarceration.

  • Spread the joy and positive benefits that gardening and growing plants can bring to all of us.